Seminar titled "20th January - A Crime against Freedom" was held at Preston University.

A seminar, titled "20th January - A Crime against Freedom" in the remembrance of the day that Soviet Empire’s troops indiscriminately massacred Azerbaijani people in Baku, in January 19 1990, was held at Preston University on Tuesday, 19th January 2016.

 Ambassador Abdul Sattar, Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan was the Chief Guest on the occasion. Dr. Saima Kayani, Chairperson, Department of Defence & Diplomatic Studies, Fatima Jinnah Women University, Rawalpindi and Dr. Saif-ur-Rehman Malik, Dy. Director, ISRA, NDU Islamabad presented papers. They delivered that 26 years ago, Soviet Empire’s armed forces’ massacre against peaceful Azerbaijani people who were demanding their freedom, dignity, and protesting Soviet Russia’s unconditional support for Armenian aggressors, was a crime against humanity. But this tragic but honourable day brought freedom and independence to Azerbaijani nation.

 Ambassador Abdul Sattar, Former Foreign Minister of Pakistan stressed the importance of “20 January” in collapse of Soviet Empire. He mentioned that sacrifice and strong will of Azerbaijani people was one of the factors that led to the Soviet Empire’s disintegration. And Azerbaijan won its independence.

Chingiz Garibli, Acting ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, brought up two combined factors behind Azerbaijani nation’s demonstrations against Soviet Empire; 1st was the Nation’s profound will of getting independence, inspired from national-spiritual values, 2nd was Soviet Empire’s unjust protection of illegal Armenian militia who were committing mass deportation and killings of Azerbaijani people.  

Dr. Abdul Basit, Chancellor of Preston University presented Welcome Address while Prof. Dr. Z. A. Qureshi, HoD, IR expressed Vote of Thanks. The seminar was rounded off with the presentation of Shields.

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