Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan Ali Alizada has given an interview to one of the prestigious media outlets of Pakistan – “The News”

Islamabad: Hundred of Pakistani students are studying in the Universities of Azerbaijan in medical, diplomacy, energy, information, technology and other fields. Azerbaijani students are learning Urdu language in state universities in Baku and there are many opportunities for Pakistani students to study there.


Azerbaijani Ambassador to Pakistan Ali Alizada told that every year many students, scholars mutually attend different seminars, conferences, programmes in both countries. In Baku State University there is an Urdu Department where the Azerbaijani students learn Urdu language. “We have Azerbaijani scholars who are delivering lectures in the University of Pakistan for more than 10 years. Every year a lot of humanitarian and social projects in education sector are being implemented in Pakistan by Heydar Aliyev Foundation of Azerbaijan.”


In an interview with ‘The News’ Ali Alizada said that apart from education sector we can also expand our bilateral trade, exchanging mutual export of goods produced in both the brotherly Muslim countries, establishing joint ventures, participating in different projects, using the opportunities of various transport and other corridors which implement both country. Another tie is our close cooperation in the military area.


He said Pakistan is also developed country in textile, pharmaceutical industry, in production of surgical instruments, sport products. “Another side is agriculture. Such products as rice, potatoes of Pakistan, some fruits, fruit products of Azerbaijan have a big demand in our countries whereas oil products of Azerbaijan has big demand in Pakistan. Both countries have many opportunities for investment.


He invited Pakistani businessmen to benefit from such opportunities. “I think promotion is important and we need to give information steady to our businessmen about opportunities created for them in both countries,” he added.


Ali Alizada also revealed that Azerbaijan has a very good tourism infrastructure and the rich historical, cultural and natural heritage of the country attracts visitors from all over the world. “Becoming one of the main parts of economy in Azerbaijan, the tourism is developing day by day and every year the number of visitors from Pakistan to Azerbaijan also grows. By the decree of President of Azerbaijan visa procedures were simplified by the Government of Azerbaijan for our Pakistani brothers and sister too,” he added.


“Now Pakistani citizens can get visa online. Without coming to the Embassy every Pakistani citizen can apply, pay ($ 20) fee and get visa through internet. Due to warm relations and brotherhood between people and states, as well as because of developed tourism and service infrastructure, stability and visa simplicity we achieved good results in the number of visitors from Pakistan to Azerbaijan in 2017 and we increased it more than 5 times in comparison with 2016.More than 16,000 visitors travelled to Azerbaijan in 2017 and the number of visitors are increasing every month,” he added.


The ambassador said that throughout history Azerbaijan as a country situated on the Great Silk Road and divided partially between Eastern Europe and Western Asia was a part of the Silk Road. “At present, Azerbaijan continues to be one of the main bridges between Europe and Asia implementing different regional transport corridors and modern infrastructure. “The construction and completion in 2017 of Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway further increased the importance of Azerbaijan as a transit country. The construction of infrastructure and realisation of another International North-South and East-West Transport Corridor are going on. All these projects will reduce cost and time of transportation of goods several times and every participant country will get benefit. We invited Pakistan to join to these projects and also got invitation for CPEC. All of these projects are on the Great Silk Road and may be will join in the future and now relevant authorities of both countries consider all these suggestions,” he added.


He said media is the main part of relations but there is more potential of cooperation. People-to-people contacts, contacts between NGOs and media from both countries are important and taking into consideration that Pakistan and Azerbaijan are strategic partners, the media can highlight steadily all spheres of our relations where we have potentials and opportunities to enhance our brotherhood.




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