" 100th anniversary of Azerbaijan Armed Forces was solemnly celebrated in the capital city of Islamabad, Islamic Republic of Pakistan. "

Pakistan and Azerbaijan share long history of friendly relations and share similarity of views on a number of international issues. This was said by Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan while addressing as Chief Guest a reception marking 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day of Azerbaijan here at Serena Hotel. Ambassador of Azerbaijan Ali Alizada and Defence Attache of Azerbaijan Colonel Mehman Novruzov had hosted the reception for their colleagues from Diplomatic Corps, diplomats, defence attaches and notable personalities representing government, armed forces and civil society of Pakistan.
Air Chief in his brief address congratulated the Azerbaijan government, the Ambassador, Defence Attache, their team and people of the country on the historic occasion and viewed Azerbaijan’s army achieved tremendous progress under its national leader Heydar Aliyev. Air Marshal hoped under Ilham Aliyev, the current President of the country the relations between the two countries would scale new heights. “Friendship with Azerbaijan is time-tested and the country extended all-out support to Pakistan at the time of crises be it earthquake of 2005 or floods in 2010 and 2011,” said the Chief Guest. He said Pakistan and Azerbaijan shared convergence of opinion on Nagorno-Karabakh and Kashmir conflicts. He also congratulated Ambassador Ali Alizada as the day also marked his birthday and wished him a long happy, healthy life.
Welcoming the guests Ambassador Ali Alizada noted that it was one of the significant days in the history of Azerbaijan as the country was celebrating centennial of its Armed Forces. He said Azerbaijan shared very cordial and warm relations with Pakistan based on trust, respect and confidence. He stressed that despite Azerbaijan Armed Forces faced a lot of challenges yet by the support of the people of Azerbaijan, its leadership Supreme Commander in Chief and the Azerbaijan Armed Forces reached a lot of achievements and became the strongest army in Caucus and one of the strongest in the region.
Azerbaijan Defence Attache Col Mehman Novruzov while giving a background of the landmark achievements of Azerbaijan’s armed forces said the national leader of the country, Heydar Aliiyev achieved admission of Azerbaijani youth to the Baku Army and Naval Academies, as well as other military academies in the former USSR on preferential terms. So, 20 years before gaining independence of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev provided high-level military training basis for the nation. After independence was regained, these military education institutions were indeed main basis for the formation of Azerbaijan Armed Forces. About aggression from Armenia he said before disintegration of Soviet Union, in 1988, Azerbaijan once again became victim of Armenian state terrorism.

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