An action named "Armenia Kills Civilians. Stop Armenian aggression" was held at the largest shopping center of Islamabad, Centaurus Mall

To commemorate our compatriots killed in Ganja, Mingachevir and other settlements of Azerbaijan as a result of the Armenian aggression against Azerbaijan and targeted missile attacks on the civilian population and to convey the Armenian atrocities to the world community, a corner established at the largest shopping center of Islamabad, Centaurus Mall with posters, pictures, and slogans demonstrating Armenian terrorism, was displayed.

The action, initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, was aimed at informing the wide public of Pakistan about the treacherous face of Armenia, the killing of unarmed, unaware civilians sleeping in their homes and the killing of children by rocket attacks and the consequences of these brutal attacks. The big screen installed in this shopping center, which has an average of 35,000 visitors a day, also demonstrated video footage of the consequences of numerous rocket attacks on civilians in Ganja and other cities during the day.

Some Pakistani officials, the Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Pakistan and the embassy staff, representatives of the Pakistani public and media, as well as the Azerbaijanis living in this city and thousands of Pakistanis paid tribute to the victims and laid flowers and toys in front of it by visiting the corner

Thousands of visitors of the corner expressed their astonishment for Armenia's atrocities against civilians and strongly condemned this war crime against humanity. Numerous suggestions, questions and opinions of the visitors expressing solidarity with Azerbaijan were heard and answered by the staff of the Embassy during the day.


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