The “Novruz 2021” ceremony was organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Pakistan in collaboration with the embassies of 9 countries in Pakistan celebrating Novruz, including Pakistan, in Islamabad.

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Pakistan presented the culture, national and spiritual values, as well as the national cuisine of Azerbijan at the event, which were attended by the First Lady of Pakistan Mrs. Samina Alvi as a Chief guest, Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, public and political figures, foreign ambassadors in Pakistan, diplomats, public and media representatives of Pakisan. Various visual materials were exhibited at the event on the realities of Azerbaijan, reflecting the socio-economic progress and development of Azerbaijan. Yalli dance was performed by the children of the Embassy’s staff in national costumes within the special cultural program at the event.

The First Lady of Pakistan and other guests visited the pavilions of the Embassy of Azerbaijan and the embassies of other countries.

Congratulating the embassies which organized the event, the First Lady of Pakistan Mrs. Samina Alvi told that Novruz is the celebration of spring and the renewal of nature, bringing together people as a symbol of peace and solidarity in the region for centuries, forming common customs and traditions. Mrs. Samina Alvi stressed the importance of preserving the values instilled by Novruz and noted that she was fascinated by the songs and dances performed by the embassies of the concerned countries, as well as by the national cuisines.

It was observed that the great interest has been showed by the participants of the event to the dolma, pilaf, qutab, shakarbura, pakhlava and other dishes of the national cuisine of Azerbaijan presented by the Embassy, as well as to the souvenirs reflecting the rich history and culture of Azerbaijan, to the books on the formation and celebration of Novruz as a national holiday of Azerbaijan, to the publications describing the political and economic development and ancient culture of Azerbaijan.

The main attributes of the Novruz, as well as the egg-fighting competition added a special color to the pavilion of the Embassy of Azerbaijan, and the Yalli dance was greeted with applause.

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